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The examination details indicated in the test permit are SYSTEM GENERATED. The Office for Admissions and Scholarships will send a confirmation email that your application has been received and will be reviewed for verification. The application will be done online via the Online Admissions Facility (OAF). After creating an account, an email containing a confirmation link will be sent to your Gmail. Check your Gmail inbox and click the confirmation link to activate your account.


The schedule of reservation is indicated in the Academic Unit’s specific instructions.Click the “Pay Reservation Fee” button to pay the non-refundable reservation fee of ten thousand pesos (PhP 10,000.00) using the Online Payment Gateway. Applicants who wish to submit international credentials such as SAT, IB Diploma, and AP may do so for both admission to a degree program and for crediting purposes. The complete black hat seo tools: Telegram – @seokaya information on admission using international credentials is accessible here. The Office for Admissions (OFAD) is the Personal Information Controller (PIC) of all admissions-related data. You may opt not to receive this information by unticking the choice below, and we will not keep your data for these marketing purposes. We collect relevant personal information online through the Application portal.

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(With Complete grade 11 and Grade 12 Credentials)FIRST SEMESTER AY 2024-2025

  • Once you qualify for admission, your personal information will be shared with the Office of the Registrar so you will only need to provide additional information necessary for enrollment.
  • Wait for the UST Manila Office for Admissions (OFAD) to check and verify your requirements and encoded grades.
  • The Office for Admissions (OFAD) will no longer provide hard copies of your results nor email them to you.
  • Applicants come from very diverse backgrounds but they are all ranked based on indicators of academic preparedness for university life.
  • Deadline for submission of the letter appeal and copy of grades is on July 26, 2023 (12 noon).
  • Failure to comply with the submission of documents would mean no processing of application and results.

Some degree programs are more competitive due to high demand. You should specify your first, second, and third preferences for academic degree programs. The ranking of your degree program choices will be the basis for your admission decision to the University. You may still proceed with your application by uploading your passport in place of your birth certificate.

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CSC’s regular conduct of the Career Service Exam, Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT), both for Prof and Subprof levels are scheduled twice a year to cater the growing number of examinees. The applicant is advised by the Commission to come at the examination center one hour before the test proper. The List of Passers shall be posted on the CSC Website by May 9, 2024. CSC encourages examinees to directly coordinate with the CSC Regional Office for other concerns like verification of examinee number and further examination result-related matters. For the first time ever at the continental level, the Philippines has earned a podium finish in women’s volleyball.


This fee will be deducted from your total tuition and fees upon enrollment. You are given an Applicant Number only after you have fully completed your online application. Having an applicant number means that you are now considered an official applicant. The Reference Number allows you to access your application portal. For students who are currently enrolled or studied in UST, please select the grade level/s enrolled in at UST Manila and enter your student number and birthdate in the USTET registration. This will carry your academic record to the USTET application system.

  • The Office for Admissions (OFAD) is the Personal Information Controller (PIC) of all admissions-related data.
  • (1) Freshman applicants who will take the DLSU College Admission Test (DCAT) for the first time and for(2) Freshman applicants who were issued test permits but failed to take the test last January 2024.
  • Once your are accepted into the JHS Program, please submit the original or hardcopy of the documentary requirements listed in STEP 1 to the Center for Admissions.
  • You will also get a copy of the confirmation and enrollment schedules if you are accepted into the SHS Program.

How and when will I know my examination result?

Various scholarship programs are available to qualified students. Some are for entering freshmen, renewable upon fulfillment of certain requirements. There are scholarships funded by the University, some by alumni and friends of the University and still others by corporations with interests related to those of the University.

  • Provision of fraudulent information, if proven to be deliberate, may prevent you from being admitted to the University.
  • Confirm your slot into the program by paying the reservation fee.
  • You will be notified of the result of your application together with the confirmation and enrollment schedules if you are accepted into the program.
  • If an applicant receives a “Not Accepted” status, it means that they did not qualify in any of their 1st, 2nd or 3rd choices.
  • Some degree programs are more competitive due to high demand.
  • After accomplishing form, please return to the student for uploading to the USTET application portal.

Wait for UST Manila Office for Admissions (OFAD) to verify your requirements and encoded grades. The University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET) is administered to all applicants in order to qualify and determine who among them are the most prepared for the standard of education at the University of Santo Tomas. You have the obligation to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all information provided to the University.

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